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MACY MAE® officially became a company September, 2018 but the time spent in building and creating started long before. After the birth of our 3rd child, a girl, followed up from 2 boys, I began to think more about when I was younger. My cousins and I always played with our dollhouse Grandpa handmade. Moving furniture around, coloring walls with nail polish and can’t forget, the shag carpet! We talked about how many kids we would have someday, our own house and cars we’d have and how we couldn’t wait to grow up. While those dreamy moments truly may be few and far between in the midst of laundry and teary eyed tantrums, they’re the very moments that make all the other moments seem so small.

Our lives are forever rocked when we bring children into this world. Fixer Upper quickly became my go to show and therapy after birth of our 4th child, another boy, in October, 2017. I began searching for that perfect dollhouse I remember having when I was young and wanted to give our daughter just that for Christmas. It was no where to be found. I stumbled upon many other talented miniature makers but none of them could customize and have delivered by Christmas. So… I decided to buy a used one and do a little Fixer Upper myself. It became a way of relieving the pressures of life with 4 very young children and actually quite calming.

MACY MAE® has already come so far. As you may notice, we love to incorporate and support several other small businesses within our own. We are proud to offer a one stop shop for dollhouse needs. From assembled dollhouses alone, the designer made furniture, accessories, to beautiful fully furnished dollhouses. We also offer limited quantities on Amazon!!

With that said, our mission is to build a dollhouse, whether it be large or small, furniture and décor that will help create a happy oasis for the little loves in your lives. We believe it’s truly important for children to have a special space where they can retreat to. Where they can feel comfortable and calming just as I do creating. May we pass along joy and laughter because they need us like we need them!

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Chloe’s Story-

Macy Mae made my daughter’s Christmas so magical! My daughter was born at 30 weeks with Klebsiella pneumonia and has suffered from many different health issues. She had a lobectomy on her lung when she was 6 weeks old and the next week she was diagnosed with hydrocephalous and had a shunt placed. She has had 3 revisions to her shunt, all in the same week, when she was four. Two and a half years ago she started having chronic pain in her jaw and leg. After going to 14 doctors, dentists, oral surgeons, she was diagnosed with CRMO. This is a type of chronic osteomyelitis where her immune system attacks her bones. This causes inflammation in her bones and is a very painful condition. Her jaw, hands, feet and now her legs have been affected. Her right leg has a large lesion and this has made it hard for her to walk on the days when she has flare-ups. She is so brave and sweet and faces all of these challenges with the best attitude.

I decided to find her a dollhouse for Christmas this year. I thought this would be a perfect gift for her to sit and play with. I purchased all the furniture, but when I went on the hunt to find the perfect dollhouse, it was a little late in the season and everything was sold out. The number one dream dollhouse that I wanted for my daughter was the one from Macy Mae Designs. Everything about it was perfection. I contacted the shop owner and asked if she could let me know if she had an extra one I could purchase. A short time later, the owner of Macy Mae contacted me to ask if I was still interested in the dollhouse. I was so surprised when she offered to gift me one of her beautiful dollhouses for my daughter. It really did feel like a Christmas miracle. I still had not found one for my daughter that I loved and Christmas was approaching. Macy Mae Designs was so kind and generous to give such a wonderful gift for my daughter. It was appreciated beyond measure. My daughter was ecstatic Christmas morning. She was absolutely in love with her dollhouse. She has been glued to dollhouse ever since. She said “it is that best Christmas gift I have ever gotten.” Thank you so much to the sweet people at Macy Mae Designs for making my daughter’s Christmas such a special one!